Internship FAQs

1. What is duration of Internship ?

We recommend 4-6 months period to make full use of your investment of coming to India. You may also consider a small break to visit Nepal, Thailand etc which are close to India and cheap to visit from India.

2. What are costs of living in Delhi for an intern ?

As a thumb-rule, costs in Delhi are much lower than those in comparable cities of Brazil such as Sao Paulo or Rio. Based on interns from South America living here, these are estimated costs in 2015 :
-Room Rent, near place of work, on sharing basis: BRL 360 (on the first month you need to pay a security feed, this amount you receive back when you leave) -Water + electricity : BRL 40
– Food: – If you cook yourself : BRL 100 – if you prefer to eat out or oder: BRL 15 per day
– Work Travelling : BRL 200
– Personal things Clothes are very cheap if you buy in local market,
– the night life for girls is very cheap cause most of the places are free, for the guys a beer is costing around BRL 16
– Mobile phone charges with data plan: BRL 25
Normally per month- an intern from Brazil spends : BRL 800
Medical insurance in India is cheap and advised to take this in India rather than bring from Brazil.

3. Where I shall be based ?

You shall be working from IBCCI office in Gurgaon, which is 15 kms from Delhi International Airport. Based on assignments, you may have to travel to other cities in India, as we want to give you experience of other cities in India too.

4. What shall be nature of work ?

Due to your limited stay in India, this is advisable to focus on business environment, practices in Indian companies. Giving this is mind, we have designed following modules for interns to get insight into complex working :
A: Promotion of Brazil companies business in India by way of market research, meetings with Indian buyers , ascertaining their expectations, experiences about Brazil, entry strategy etc B: Promotion of business through trade Fairs in India/Brazil, their management, negotiation C: Helping Indian companies expand their business in Brazil, assisting them in managing business, designing entry strategies for them. D: Laisoning with different Export Promotion bodies in India and Brazil for trade and investment promotion in opposite country. E: Attending trade events, seminars, receptions for visiting leaders, making presentations to trade bodies in India about potential of business in Brazil F: Assisting businessmen visiting from Brazil in India , interacting with them, learning from them their experiences.

5. Do you help us in getting Visa for India ?

Yes, we help you by applying on-line. The documents and fees you have to send in Brazil to concern Indian authority.
Compliance of Visa conditions is your responsibility, so please carefully follow the terms of your Visa.
6. Do you help us in settling in India ?
Yes, of course. We shall offer you a furnished apartment to live (on rent payable basis) for first few weeks till you find your own. We shall also introduce you to other interns/volunteers living in your area from South American area. This being capital of India, and nationals of all countries live here, and you shall make friends with them for socialisation and week end activities.