Internship Overview


The economies of India and Brazil have had a remarkable growth in the last two decades. This growth has made these countries a promising destination for investment, creation of new production units and the opening of a new market, which affects millions of new customers each year.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Indo-Brazil was founded by Sanjiv Kumar Gupta, and his passion for Latin America, business travel and its more than 20 years experience provide a solid basis for guidance, advice and business between the two countries.


In order to expand the camera’s services in other cities in India the camera is opening waves of paid internships lasting a year in cities like Mumbai, Goa, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Pune.


The experience of an exchange in addition to providing an exchange of cultures and the opportunity to sightsee also gives room for professional growth and the development of new skills that are the difference in the curriculum.


The exchange student will have contact with the most different business areas, such as industrial, hospital and agriculture. You will have the opportunity to develop English, develop skills, gain knowledge and make contact with large companies in various cities of India.
In addition, the program offers the option to perform a stage period in Nepal or Thailand and one month of educational courses in subjects such as online marketing, digital animation, e-commerce and soclal average.

Necessary requirements:

Age 20 to 30 years;
Attending or graduated in the areas of Marketing (Online Marketing), Trade, Public Relations, International Relations, Management, Management; Information and Tourism Technology;
Have attended three semesters of the course;
Communicative, proactive and dynamic;
Availability for 6 months to 1 year exchange;
Intermediate English.

The Chamber offers:

Appropriate remuneration to the cost of living;
Assistance to search of accommodation;
Assistance to acquire the visa;
Support exchange students throughout the program.